My name is Toby Chastain. I am many things to many people. A husband, son, in-law, former youth minister, associate pastor, friend, “brother”, uncle, and colleague. I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite a while now but just kept putting it off. Well now here it is…a blog. What is it about you might ask? Well, it’s about my journey in ministry (although from time to time you may see a post from something else that interests me). I don’t know all of the ways I’ll use this blog, however, I envision that much of it will include my thoughts, ideas, and revelations that come from my life. However, here is one thing I pledge from the start. I want the majority of my posts to be positive, helpful, and uplifting. So I will do my best to let the positive far outweigh the negative. Please hold me accountable if from time to time I get stuck in the muck.

As for the title, it comes from a mash-up of sorts of 1 Corinthians 9:24 and Philippians 3:14. One of my earliest devotionals I wrote was on this theme and it was sort of fitting. It also goes with the theme of entire sanctification I hint at in the subtitle. I’ll be writing a post more about this at some point.

Now for a little disclaimer: The opinions here are ALL MY OWN. They do not represent or speak for my local church, any of our staff, the Global Methodist Church, my family, friends, Ewoks, hobbits, the Duke Blue Devils, or anyone or anything else you can imagine. This is ALL Toby. You may agree…GREAT…you may disagree…FEEL FREE. When possible I’ll try to use research and scholarship to back up my opinions, but at other times it will be my own reason and ideas that you will be reading. Take this however you will.

I hope you enjoy this offering and that somewhere in here you will find something that will enrich your life. Thank you for reading.

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