Seattle Pacific: First Day of School

This won’t be a long post, but it will get me caught up for the week.

2015-06-22 07.02.02

Yes, this is a selfie of me on my first day of school. Lame I know, but I felt it an important occasion to document. I made it to class ok, although halfway there the bus I was on broke down (this would only happen to me) and we all were evacuated and had to wait for the next bus. It took two of them to get all of us (since there were already people on the buses).

Class was very engaging. My professor is Dr. Matt Sigler. Matt and I went to Huntingdon together, served churches in neighboring towns (me at Andalusia, he at Opp) and he has led worship and spoken to my youth groups many times over the years. I have always admired his passion for worship and how seriously he takes the practice and theology behind it. In a way he has been teaching me about worship every since I’ve known him. So it’s fitting that he is now my professor.

I also met the wonderful individuals who I’ll be sharing the classroom with for the next week. Most come from Wesleyan backgrounds. They have welcomed me into their community and have been very gracious to me. I’m excited to worship with them this week.

Last thing. I joined my host family for dinner tonight (I hope they will be cool with me sharing more about them later). I was treated to a dinner of grilled salmon, grilled veggies, rice and cherries picked right off the tree in their back yard. Best of all we ate outside. It was a cool 77 and NO mosquitos. A great way to end the day.

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